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So you want to learn how to win at roulette - and you want proof with examples too!

Well, now that I got your attention, get yourself a coffee, sit down, keep your wallet or purse at home, and start reading ...and yes, you also get to try some examples too.


While researching for some information on something else completely unrelated, I came across a website which had an interesting how-to-win strategy about the casino roulette wheel. Admittedly, I read those pages a few years ago and I cannot find those same web pages now, otherwise I would have provided you a link here pointing to those pages since that author should deserve some credit for showing this strategy).

Anyhow, this is more like a Nerd's need to know, and what I found interesting was, that the strategy was explained in a logical and straight forward method (the author was also an embedded electronics professional himself so you could see a bit of scientific thought evident in the way it was written), and the writer of those web pages also claimed coming home often with winnings due to his method, while the author's friends often came home empty-handed.

This certainly made this simple strategy interesting enough to be worth investigating further - and at the same time, why not have a few interactive simulations along the way to show this method too.


To begin with, the strategy seems simple and we are only interested in one type of bet.

Seems simple enough - good. Let's try that next.


Below, you have a mathematical example of an American Roulette Wheel you can try. It doesn't look pretty, but it keeps our example simple. 18 even numbers, 18 odd numbers, and 2 house numbers of "0" and "00" which gives the casino an expected advantage of winning 20/38 compared to your winning 18/38 ratio, but you will notice that even if you lose a few times, your total still continues to gradually win more value with more spins.

American Roulette Wheel Example Simulation - Even Bets Only
You start with a total of $100.
You bet the minimum of $1.
  1. You get $2 if you win, and your total then becomes $101.
  2. Your total is $99 if you lose, so you double your next bet to $2.
    1. You recover your $1 and $2 (total of $3 spent) if you win, and you get a profit of $1.
    2. Your total is $97 if you lose, then you double your bet again...
      1. You recover your $1, $2, and $4 (total of $7 spent) if you win, and you get a profit of $1.
      2. If you lose, then you double your bet again....
Last BetYou WonYour Total
$ $ $
Next Bet
You Can WinTotal If You Win
You Can LoseTotal If You Lose
$ $

At this point, after trying the simulator above a few times, you can see that the total does increase using this method of betting. I was impressed myself when I first read the other article a few years ago, but this is about as far as the other website went on it's explanation.

So? Where's the catch? Well, first, you will want to learn a bit more before you run to the casino and encounter problems, so, let us get into more details first.

First, it took a bit of investigation to find out more about this method of betting, but it is called the The Martingale Betting System. You may already be familiar with this betting method.

Time to move to the next page and read some more - Improve your odds.

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