Other Chips And Higher Revs Not Listed By PICDIS -P

PICDIS -P shows a base list of recognized processors to keep the displayed list short.
Even though the chip you are interested in may not be listed when you type PICDIS -P, it may still be recognized as well.

For example, 12C508 is listed when you type PICDIS -P but PICDIS will also display the correct registers for 12C508A (and possibly other future revisions) since they are based on the same register set. Similarly, on the same topic, PICDIS will also display register sets for higher revision chips correctly, for example, the 17C42A has extra registers relative to the 17C42, so if you have a 17C42A or 17C42B... versus the 17C42 shown on the list, you should use PICDIS -p17C42A or PICDIS -p17C42B etc... to display the correct register set. PICDIS will accept entries such as PICDIS -p17C42X, PICDIS -p17LCR42Y even though Microchip does not produce such chips, so it will display the latest known revision instead, which is 17C42A in this example, and it will verify that the hex file fits within the boundaries of a 17C42A.

If you are searching for chips shown below, you may specify them as PICDIS -p???? even though they do not display when you type PICDIS -P

12c508a 12c509a 12c5XXa 12cr509a 16c54 16c54a 16c54b 16c54c 16c55a 16c56a 16c57c 16c58a 16c58b 16c620a 16c621a 16c622a 16c62a 16c62b 16c63a 16c64a 16c65a 16c65b 16c72a 16c73a 16c73b 16c74a 16c74b 16cr54 16cr54a 16cr54b 16cr54c 16cr56a 16cr57a 16cr57b 16cr57c 16cr58a 16cr58b 16cr62 16cr620a 16cr63 16cr64 16cr65 16cr72 16cr83 16cr84 16f505 16f627a 16f628a 16f642a 16f648a 16f83a 16f84a 16f873a 16f874a 16f876a 16f877a 17c42a 17c43a 17c756a 17cr42 17cr43 16lv54a 16lv58a 16lf627 16lf627a 16lf628 16lf628a 16lf62xa 16lf648a

Revision History For PICDIS And PICDIS-LITE