License Agreement For PICDIS

After Purchasing PICDIS, you are allowed one licensed copy of PICDIS per office. You may install PICDIS on multiple computers within your office and you may make a backup of PICDIS for archiving.

To keep this license simple, an office is a location or building where you or users would be able to access one paper copy of the PICDIS manual while using PICDIS. If you cannot access the designated location where you would place this one paper manual which counts as one license due to locked rooms (time of day), separate buildings, separate work sites or separate work groups, then your business is large enough to afford more than one license.

You agree not to modify, copy or distribute PICDIS or the PICDIS manual beyond your office, but if you wish to let other users know of PICDIS, please send them PICDIS-LITE and let them decide for themselves if they wish to buy PICDIS.